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How's Going on with Harden® Hazardous Waste Disposal System in Taiwan?

How's Going on with Harden® Hazardous Waste Disposal System in Taiwan?

Nov 11,2020

Harden's Hazardous Waste Disposal System was first launched in Oct. 2018 in the Hazardous Waste Disposal Center of Taiwan, which is the only comprehensive hazardous waste treatment plant in Taiwan that includes incineration, physical chemical, solidification, and other intermediate treatment facilities and landfill final disposal facilities. It is also the first patented incinerator combined with a rotary kiln and mechanical hearth in Taiwan, with a daily processing capacity of 70 tons/24 hours.

So far, Harden has been supplying 2 sets of equipment for hazardous waste shredding disposal and has been operating stably for more than 500 days, and the cumulative handling capacity of hazardous waste is over 30,000 tons.


Based on Taiwan’s hazardous waste characteristics and principles of stable, safe, and energy-saving operation, Harden® provided two sets of 5-8t/h Hazardous waste crushing systems with monitors for real-time monitoring during crushing, an intelligent fire monitoring system, and an automatic fire extinguishing system, so as to achieve intelligent control and safety guarantee for the crushing process. 

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