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Single Shaft Shredder

Harden Industries provides good quality Single Shaft Shredders that offer low maintenance, low operating costs, as well as safe and simple operation. Screened units of the single shaft shredder can effectively and accurately size material down to 10mm. It has a power with 15HP to 450HP by electric or hydraulic motors. All models in the shredder series have the option of three different cutter styles allowing optimization to your specific application. There are multiple screen options available from 3/8”to 1.5”openings. Discharged material can be transported by pneumatic, belt or screw conveyors. Full shredder system automation can be accomplished through optional PLC controls.

Two Shafts Shredder

HARDEN two shaft shredder is featured sophisticated design, robust structure, and high efficient shredding result. Two shaft shredders are normally used first stage shredder for materials like truck tires, steel drums, organic waste, and MSW. With a two shaft shredder, once the material is fed into the cutting chamber, the cutting blades with hooks will grab material and then shear it down to strips. The shreds are directly discharged after cutting without passing through a screen, so the size of shreds is quite random. Custom blade widths can match your required sizing. Programmed revers rotation of the rotor shaft can prevent damages when overload. Both electrical and hydraulic drive systems available.

Four Shafts Shredder

The HARDEN four shaft shredders, or name it quad shredders, are perfectly suitable for scrap size reduction applications such as e-waste, rubber tire recycling, RDF production, and contaminated materials where uniformed medium particle size is desired. The four shaft shredders are very robust and built to sustain tough operating conditions without problem. HARDEN four shaft shredders are available in different sizes and works perfectly in combination with other recycling machines.

Primary Shredder

HARDEN primary shredders, or coarse shredder, with dual powerful hydraulic drivers designed for various kinds of bulky waste size reduction. Primary shredders are used in MSW disposal plants, biomass power stations and RDF processing systems as an indispensable first stage shredder. Strong shafts, bearings, chamber, cutting hooks in high-strength wear-resistant alloy with surface tungsten carbide welding are all designed for the toughest job as an industrial shredder. Hydraulic power controlled by smart programs of PLC and converter guarantees high efficiency shredding results. The machine is very robust and built to sustain for tough operating conditions without any problem.

Wind Shifter

The blast wind shifter consists of a circulation extension unit, a separation drum unit, a conveyor, a diffusion chamber, and a dust collector. Operating on the principles of aerodynamics, this equipment employs controllable airflow as the medium for sorting. With the aid of controllable airflow, materials are separated based on density and particle size. The airflow can carry lighter materials upwards or horizontally to a distant location, while heavier materials either fall due to lack of support from the updraft or are propelled closer horizontally due to inertia. This wind sorting process leverages the settling characteristics of various solid wastes in the air to achieve the objective of classification, recycling, and reuse.

Disc Screen

HARDEN disc screen is a screening equipment that rolls and separates materials of different sizes and shapes through polygonal discs. All the polygonal discs rotate in the same direction with the rollers, causing the materials on the polygonal discs to achieve a compound movement of horizontality and tumbling, making the materials looser. The materials are hit, spread, and perform jumping and tumbling motions by the rotating polygonal discs. During the process, the particle size smaller than the gap between the discs will be missed from the gaps on the side of the polygonal disc, thereby realizing the screening function.

Triangle Roller Screen

HARDEN triangular roller screen is an innovative screening equipment developed with multiple patented technologies to meet the diverse needs of solid waste treatment processes. It features a unique design that allows for modular combination and assembly, catering to various screening size requirements while prioritizing innovation, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. With its low energy consumption, minimal noise, high efficiency, and exceptional screening pass rate, this equipment represents a significant advancement in screening technology. The design incorporates patented anti-winding technology for the screen shaft, a discharge guide structure to prevent material blockage, and our proprietary "shredder feed guide, diversion, and even material structure" technology, placing it at the forefront of advanced screening equipment. This equipment provides a comprehensive solution for solid waste treatment processes and is primarily utilized for screening materials with low viscosity and moisture content, including raw domestic waste, household waste, construction waste, biomass fuel, kitchen waste, general industrial waste, and waste rubber tires.

Composite Screen

The composite vibrating screen organically combines the two single screening technologies of the stepped circular vibrating screen and the relaxation screen into one, so that one device can achieve two screening effects at the same time. Based on the principle of mechanical vibration, this equipment uses a single excitation source to provide excitation force and simultaneously drives the upper and lower sieve plates to produce different forms of vibration. The upper sieve plate is a circular vibration, and the lower sieve plate is a relaxation motion. The material moves in the screen machine Under the action of vibration projection, stratification, and transportation are realized, and materials smaller than the mesh size fall down and complete the particle size classification.