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A case study of a system to produce alternative fuels from industrial waste and bulky waste in China

A case study of a system to produce alternative fuels from industrial waste and bulky waste in China

Jul 17,2023

Solid waste is used, and the final discharge is SRF alternative fuel.

In 2023, the integrated alternative fuel preparation system for industrial waste and bulky waste in Guangdong, China, has been officially put into operation. The project can dispose of 100,000 tons of industrial waste and 40,000 tons of large waste every year. Har Den's SRF/RDF alternative fuel preparation technology is used to effectively recycle industrial waste such as waste cloth and leather, as well as large waste such as sofa and mattress generated in local light industrial parks, and prepare SRF/RDF alternative fuel to help protect the ecological environment and realize the maximum value increase of waste in value.

 Project Introduction 】

Project address: Guangdong, China

Processing raw materials: industrial waste, bulky waste

Processing capacity: 10W/T+4W/T

Finished particle size: ≤40mm

Environmental protection equipment used: Single Shaft Shredder,Double Shaft Shredder, Four Shaft ShredderWind Shifter, magnetic separator,forming machine, intelligent conveyor, dust collector

With more than 10 years of experience in solid waste treatment, Har Den has carried out innovative research and development around "solid waste recycling". Through "secondary crushing, magnetic separation, wind separation, molding" and other processes, it can extract and process high-calorific value combustible waste from complex and diverse wastes into high-calorific value SRF alternative fuel. The calorific value of combustion is 4800-5200CAL, and the water content is less than 5%, which meets the combustion needs of most energy enterprises using coal and natural gas in the world.

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