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Pretreatment System of MSW

With the rapid pace of urbanization and City Projects, the disposal of solid waste and municipal solid waste (MSW) are the major concern in the world especially in the developing countries. The improper disposal of MSW creates problems to public health and environment. Due to rise in the cost of landfill management, it is becoming extremely difficult to manage such a vast quantity of waste effectively and economically.


As a supplier of solid waste pretreatment equipment for more than 10 years, Harden provides RDF preparation and pretreatment solutions for domestic waste. There are only three final products of the pretreatment line, which include high quality alternative fuel (RDF / SRF) with a particle size of 98% less than 60 mm, an alternative fuel based on inorganic material and recyclable metal. The whole processing process does not need manual participation and with good material compatibility for bulky waste or mattress. Shredder and sorting machines as a core equipment have the stable working performance, which guarantee the low cost of RDF preparation. 

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Calorific value reference list
RDF parameters
Particle size (mm)
Calorific value (kcal/kg)
Density (kg/m³)
Moisture content
Type 1 
Type 2 
Preparation and pretreatment of RDF / SRF for domestic 
MSW Shredding & Separating Equipment 
Primary Shredder, RDF Shredder, Bag Opener, Wind shifter, Disc Screen
The display of core equipment
 Large output hydraulic driven primary shredder
Anti-blocking plate screen
Magnetic separator
 Intelligent wind shifter
 Large-scale RDF single shaft shredder
Slat conveyor

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