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Paper Mill Waste Shredding & Washing

Harden provides complete solutions for paper mill waste disposal, which can separate and recycle the pulp, sludge, metal, plastic and rope. This solution can meet general paper mill processing requirements. Harden also can provide customized solutions with different production capacities according to customer specific requirements.


Pulp & Paper Mill Waste Disposal

It is mainly separate PE and PP plastics from paper mill waste for recycling granulation, in which the fiber can be recycled to the paper mill for reuse. The remaining materials shredded to sized RDF for combustion.


Disposal of Twisted Rope in Paper Mill

Twisted Ropes contain 5% -15% metals, and most of the wires are twined with plastic, even in a compressed state, which causes great difficulties for recycling. Therefore, it should be integrated use technical processes such as crushing, screening, and sorting to recycle plastic and steel wire separately.

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System Examples
Paper mill waste shredding Washing system includes:
Primary Shredder + Secondary Shredder (Optional) + Iron Remover + Sedimentation Tank + Friction Washing Machine + Drum Screen + Chain Plate Conveyor + Belt Conveyor + Screw Conveyor Machine
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