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Kitchen waste processing system

Kitchen waste refers to household waste which is perishable and includes organic matter, mainly including vegetable leaves, fruit skin and shell, fish bone, leftover, tea leaves, expired food, etc. Kitchen waste accounts for about half of household waste, can be further composted by biodegradation method or anaerobic treatment to produce biogas. Due to the different size and property of kitchen waste, it has certain difficulty to handle the material at the early stage. Harden has introduced German technology to develop kitchen waste processing system which mainly contains spiral feeding, shredding, dehydrating, spiral discharging, fermentation, composting, etc. The volume of kitchen waste can be reduced by 5-10% after the material processed by shredding pretreatment and fermentation. Intelligent dynamic control system of spiral dehydration system developed by Harden can adjust the pressure according to the handling requirement, stabilizes the system pressure and guarantees the dehydration rate of 80%. 

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System example
One-step solution for you
Processing flow diagram
The display of core equipment 
Shearing type shredder
Imported high alloy steel knives from Europa / Reduces noise and dust 
Spiral dehydrator
Spiral design principle / 80% dehydration rate 
Belt conveyor
Anticorrosive material / Intelligent control function of remote start and stop, emergency stop
Before shredding
After shredding
Product:organic liquid
Product: organic fertilizer
1. 10% volume reduction after composting
2. Saving transportation cost after shredding and dehydrating
3. Revenue of resource utilization
Technical parameters
Motor power
Dimension of the cutting chamber
Drive mode
Single motor
Single motor
Product characteristics 
Imported knives from Europa 
Hydraulic feeding system
Unique spline-bearing pedestal 
Intelligent automatic control 

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