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Organic Waste Shredding & Dewatering
Harden provides completed organic waste disposal system with nearly 120 successful cases proven. The process flow of organic waste recycling system includes the following steps: storage, screw feeding, shredding, dewatering and screw discharge. Further processing such as fermentation, composting and pyrolysis is optional. The volume of organic waste will down to 5% after pre-treatment and fermentation. 
Harden also can only provide organic waster shredder (or called kitchen waste shredder) to meet clients' need.
System Example
Screw Feeding Platform + Shredder + Dewatering Squeezer + Screw Conveyor + Microbial Fermentation Unit
Market Waste, Fish Waste
Kitchen Waste, Market Waste
70% Volume Reduced 
by Shredding Dewatering
Only 5% left by
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