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Bulky Waste Management Center in Quanzhou, Fujian Province

Bulky Waste Management Center in Quanzhou, Fujian Province

Apr 13,2018
Harden was Chosen for Providing Bulky Waste Management Solution amid Competitors
With Harden sequence of bulky waste management system, Quanzhou Beifeng Domestic WasteTransfer Station has been put into operation and operated well for over a year. This is the first bulky waste treatment project in Fujian Province, China.
Bulky Waste Disposal Project Information At a Glance
Location: Bulky Waste Management Station, QuanzhouBeifeng, Fujian Province

Center acreage:1000㎡

Harden bulky waste management shredder model: Harden TD912

Output: 300-500pieces bulky waste per day

Operators needed: 2 person

Bulky waste management project installation time: Oct, 2016
Harden One-stop Bulky Waste Management System
Feeding+ Shredding by two shaftshredder+ Ferrous Separating+ Dust Removing
Harden's Bulky Waste Shredder TD912
Harden bulky waste shredder TD912 is a kind of two shaft shredder, quite suitable for bulky waste, industrial waste, MSW, bulky decoration waste, etc. Harden bulky waste shredder TD912 comes with world-class automatic overload protection, you will have no worry about material hanging, material winding, or material blocking which might happen in most of the other bulky waste disposal shredders.
Features of Bulky Waste Management System and Shredder
l  Knives are made of high-strength alloy, no worry of metal crushing

l  Knives can be repaired by welding to reduce the maintenance cost

l  Doubleseals, dust-proof maze, and material baffle for core part protection

l  SiemensPLC automatic controller with overload protection

l  Siemensmotor and quality gearbox ensures high stability

l  Conveyortransport for labor reducing

l  Dustpelletizing system integrated with both two shaft shredders and conveyors

l  Self-discharging ferrous separator

l  Centralizedautomatic controller for safe and easy operation
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