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Harden’s RDF Preparation Technology Contributes to Waste-Free City Construction

Harden’s RDF Preparation Technology Contributes to Waste-Free City Construction

Apr 22,2022

Under the guidance of Zhejiang Province Waste-Free City Construction Work Plan, Harden assists Zhejiang environmental protection enterprises in achieving the resource treatment of general industrial waste, creating a complete industrial chain of industrial solid waste resource utilization, waste reduction, and harmless treatment, helping Zhejiang to achieve a new model of green development.

The project has been officially completed and put into operation, mainly for the processing of leather scraps, cloth scraps, waste fabrics, waste plastics, and other materials. The whole processing line adopts the process design of pre-shredding, magnetic separation, and RDF granulation, which can effectively convert general industrial waste into RDF with high calorific value.

Once completed, the project will be able to treat 120,000 tons of general industrial waste annually and produce 100,000 tons of RDF.

Processed material
Leather scraps, fabrics, waste plastics, etc.

Zhejiang general industrial waste preparation system for RDF has realized the whole process of closed-loop from generation, storage, transport, utilization, and disposal, fully demonstrating Harden’s professional ability and competitive advantage in solid waste treatment solutions. In the future, we will continue to take root in the field of solid waste treatment. With advanced technology and efficient service, we will try our best to create an industrial chain of waste resource utilization and support the construction of Waste-Free City.

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