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Harden’s Alternative Fuel (SRF) Preparation Technology Helps Waste Utilization

Harden’s Alternative Fuel (SRF) Preparation Technology Helps Waste Utilization

Apr 28,2022

The goal of green and sustainable development of the industry requires to promote the upgrading of the industry. As one of the key objects of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, how to reduce, recycle and harmless treatment of paper mill waste (light reject and pulper rope) generated in the production process has become the main challenge of every papermaking enterprise.

Light reject
Pulper rope

Harden cooperated with a large paper mill that wants to recycle light reject and pulper rope in the process of papermaking. From design selection, installation guidance to commissioning, Harden provides a complete set of paper mill waste alternative fuel (SRF) preparation system for the paper mill, to assist the enterprise to convert solid waste from the paper mill to SRF, so as to replace the use of fossil fuels.

This project uses preliminary shredding and alternative fuel preparation technology, by using different process technologies, such as dehydration, shredding, scattering, dust removal and metal removal, turning paper residue, paper sludge, ditch sand, and wood generated in the process of papermaking into alternative fuel for cogeneration and utilization. The processing process is highly automated, and the fuel production capacity is 35 tons per hour. It can quickly and effectively realize the recycling of paper mill waste and bring low-cost operation and high-value recovery benefits for customers.

In the future, we will continue to focus on the research and development of technology, provide one-stop solid waste solutions for our customers, and strive to build a waste resource industry chain, so as to contribute to carbon peak and carbon neutrality!

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