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RDF/SRF Preparation Technologies Help MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) Size Reduction, Harmless and Resource Utilization

RDF/SRF Preparation Technologies Help MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) Size Reduction, Harmless and Resource Utilization

Jul 15,2022

China has carried out comprehensive garbage classification since 2019. By the end of 2021, the harmless treatment capacity of the national MSW (municipal solid waste) has reached 994,900 tons/day, and the harmless treatment rate is 99.7%. Among them, refined treatment such as size reduction, harmless treatment and resource recovery has become an important direction for the future development of the municipal solid waste industry.

Harmless Treatment of MSW

After the MSW is correctly classified, except a small part can be recycled, the rest of the waste through landfill, incineration and other ways for harmless treatment. Incineration treatment capacity is also improving year by year. After 2019, it has surpassed landfill treatment and become the first way of harmless treatment of MSW.

What is Resource Utilization of MSW

Mixed MSW contains a large number of recyclable beverage bottles, metal, paper and other renewable resources, which can be recycled, treated and reused. The content of perishable waste, mainly kitchen waste, accounts for 40-60%, which can be used as biomass energy. The largest proportion is high calorific value fuels, which can be prepared as RDF/SRF (alternative fuels) to reduce the use of coal.


RDF/SRF (alternative fuels) as a new way of waste reduction, harmless and resource utilization under the background of Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Goals, having the similar combustion efficiency with fossil fuel, but with lower carbon emissions. RDF/SRF (alternative fuels) has become a new trend of harmless and resource utilization of MSW in the future.

How to Produce SRF from MSW?

As a solid waste pretreatment equipment provider in the solid waste processing industry for over 10 years, Harden has provided complete sets of RDF/SRF Preparation Systems and Equipment for the Recycling Sorting, Organic Extraction, and Fuel Preparation of RDF/SRF. At present, the RDF/SRF Preparation System provided by Harden has been applied in waste transfer stations, resource utilization centers and cement manufacturing industry. 

MSW Preparation System in Beijing
MSW Preparation System in Anhui
MSW Preparation System in Dongduan

In the SRF Preparation System, the MSW will be processed into high-quality alternative fuel. The whole system adopts modular designs containing shredding, conveying and sorting, which results in high processing efficiency and lower operation cost. 

In this system, the processed MSW is sent to the first stage for coarse shredding, and then the shredded material is processed by screening, magnetic separation, wind separation and other fine processing processes to get available metals, light substances and heavy substances. The light material is then transported to secondary shredding for fine shredding, resulting in 30-80mm high-quality alternative fuel (SRF).

With the acceleration of the construction of Waste-free City and Waste-free Bay Area, the harmless treatment rate of MSW will reach above 99.9% by 2025. The RDF/SRF Preparation System from Harden will help size reduction, harmless and resource utilization of MSW through continuous innovative research and development.

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