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Single Shaft Shredder Makes High Production Capacity and Small Discharge Possible

Single Shaft Shredder Makes High Production Capacity and Small Discharge Possible

Jan 13,2023

According to different material properties and shredding requirements, different types of shredders will be selected, such as single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder, primary shredder, and four shaft shredder. Each shredder has its own suitable application field. As a representative of high production capacity and small discharge size, single shaft shredder is well recognized by customers. This article will introduce the application range of single shaft shredder and how to achieve high capacity and small discharge size.

First of all, the baled or bulk material can be put into the cutting chamber of the single shaft shredder. When the cutter shaft rotates, the cutters installed on the shaft will continuously shred the material, and the hydraulic feeder push will control the pushing state autonomously according to the shredding situation. The input material will be shredded into small particle size fragments in the continuous shredding process. The waste will drop down when the particle size is smaller than the mesh size of the perforated screen, which means that the whole crushing process is completed.

The core technology promises high production capacity and small discharge size

In order to achieve the purpose of high production capacity and small discharge size, Harden’s single shaft shredder adopts dense cutter arrangement type, intelligent pressing technology, adjustable perforated screen and other technologies, and the strong power system ensures the smooth operation of the equipment. When foreign objects enter the cutting chamber, the shredder will stop in time, and the staff can check the problem through the hydraulic maintenance door to avoid cutter damage.

Dense cutter arrangement   
Hydraulic feeder push
Perforated screen   
Hydraulic maintenance door
Power transmission
 Foreign object protection

The application of single shaft shredder

Single shaft machine has a wide range of applications, whether it is flexible and high strength materials, or low density of light substances, it can run smoothly. Application include leather scraps, cloth scraps, municipal solid waste, paper mill waste, rubber scraps, branches, decoration templates, all kinds of plastic, film, biomass straw, corrugated cardboard, and so on.

If you have any shredding requirement or want to know more about single shaft shredder, please feel free to contact us and we are willing to help you.

Single Shaft Shredder


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