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Alternative Fuel Preparation Technology Used in Cement Industry

Alternative Fuel Preparation Technology Used in Cement Industry

Feb 3,2023

Under the environment of global carbon emission reduction, cement production with low carbon emission is an important direction of cement industry development. 

How to maximize the value of solid waste is the difficulty of effective utilization of solid waste resources, and it is also a crucial process to replace fossil fuels in cement kilns.

The alternative fuel preparation system provided by Harden processes solid waste into solid recovered fuel (SRF) or Refuse-derived fuel (RDF) with high calorific value through shredding, magnetic separation, dust removal, granulation and other processes. And the thermal substitution ratio (TSR) reaches 60%-70%, which meets the basic demand of coal burning in cement kilns.

The Substitution Relationship Between SRF/RDF and Coal 

In view of the complex composition of solid waste, Harden has conducted in-depth analysis and developed mature SRF/RDF preparation systems in the fields of MSW, industrial waste, bulky waste, paper mill waste, legacy waste, waste tires, biomass waste, etc. Through the combination of modular and integrated equipment, Harden provides the whole process of customization, manufacturing, quality inspection, installation and commissioning and after-sales service.

Selected Cases

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Recycling System

Industrial Waste Recycling System

Bulky Waste Recycling System

Biomass Waste Recycling System

Waste Tires Recycling System

Legacy Waste Recycling System

Paper Mill Waste Recycling System

Hazardous Waste Pretreatment System

The alternative fuel preparation system can not only solve the problems of complex composition and low calorific value of solid waste, but also improve its combustion efficiency per unit volume in cement kilns, so as to achieve a higher TSR. By the system, the cement industry can gradually replace the use of fossil fuels and achieve low carbon emission economy.


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