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Low Investment and High Return! Integrated Industrial Waste and Bulky Waste Disposal System for Fuel Preparation

Low Investment and High Return! Integrated Industrial Waste and Bulky Waste Disposal System for Fuel Preparation

Feb 15,2023

The integrated alternative fuel preparation system of industrial waste and bulky waste provided by Harden has been put into operation, which is designed to deal with 100,000 tons of industrial waste and 40,000 tons of bulky waste annually. It adopts solid recovered fuel (SRF) and refuse-derived fuel (RDF) preparation technology to effectively recycle and process industrial waste such as cloth and leather scraps, as well as the bulky waste such as sofas and mattresses generated from local light industrial areas, and prepare SRF or RDF to reduce carbon emissions and maximize the recycling value.

The system at a glance

Handled material: industrial waste, bulky waste

Production capacity: 100,000 tons and 40,000 tons separately

Discharge particle size: ≤40 mm

Use of finished products: cement plant, coal-fired power plant

The equipment contained: single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder, four shaft shredder, magnetic separator, wind shifter, granulator, intelligent conveyor machine, dust separator 

Harden has been committed to the research and development of safe, stable and reliable integrated solid waste treatment equipment. Through the analysis of the local market demand and combined with modular and automated equipment, Harden introduces more efficient, more energy saving and environmental protection of the all-in-one alternative fuel preparation solutions.

This system adopts the advanced solid waste shredding concept. Through the procedures of two-stage shredding, magnetic separation, wind separation and granulation, the high calorific combustible contained in the waste stream will be separated and then be prepared into high-quality and high calorific value refuse-derived fuel (RDF) with combustion calorific value up to 4,800 – 5,200 CAL and water content below 5%, meeting the combustion needs of most cement plants and coal-fired power plants.

Untreated material
Refuse-derived fuel (RDF)

As an important local comprehensive utilization project of industrial waste and bulky waste, the integrated system turns the solid waste into alternative fuel, which can realize resource utilization, harmless and reduced treatment of local solid waste, boost the development of local green circular economy, and provide a positive promotion for the construction of urban ecological civilization, environmental protection and sustainable development.

Industrial waste recycling disposal system
Bulky waste recycling disposal system