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Refined Shredding of Waste Plastics to Help Recycle “White Pollution” into Resources!

Refined Shredding of Waste Plastics to Help Recycle “White Pollution” into Resources!

Dec 25,2023

The 2021 report of the UN Environment Program shows that between 1950 and 2017, the world produced a total of about 9.2 billion tons of plastic, and about 7 billion tons became plastic waste. The plastic recycling rate is less than 10%, and more than 70% of plastics are directly discarded in the soil, air, and ocean, causing serious "white pollution". 

Therefore, how to reduce plastic pollution and realize the recycling of waste plastics is a common issue facing the world.

PART 1 Classification and Main Sources of Plastic Recycling

Different types of recycled plastics have different recycling sources due to their different application fields.

At present, waste PET, waste PE, and waste PP are the main components of waste plastic recycling in China, accounting for 70% in 2021.

PART 2 Distribution of Plastic Recycling Types

The main types of recycled plastics include PET, PE, PP, PVC, ABS, etc. Among them, the first three types of waste plastics are the main types of recycling.

Among the waste PET recycling volumes, waste PET bottles have the largest volume, about 4 million tons, accounting for 21%, and other waste PETS account for 1.5 million tons, accounting for 8%.

PART 3 Main Technologies for Plastic Recycling: Refined Shredding

After centralized recycling of plastics, the first step is fine shredding, which is the key to the success or failure of subsequent resource processing processes.

Harden Machinery has focused on the field of solid waste resource treatment for more than ten years.

The single-shaft shredder it developed is widely used in the shredding process of plastic recycling processes.

This single-shaft shredder integrates multiple patented technologies such as intelligent built-in arc pressing, gap shearing, close-packed knife shafts, and rapid gap adjustment, making the equipment run more stable, crushing and discharging more uniformly, and yielding higher output.

[Application Fields] Various types of plastics, such as electronic waste plastics, domestic waste plastics, industrial waste plastics, automobile waste plastics, etc.

[Shredding Size] 30mm\ 50mm\ 70mm\ 100mm

[Equipment Capacity] 7-20 tons per hour

With more than 1,500 shredding project cases, Harden Machinery has accumulated rich crushing experience. According to different material processing and different industry needs, there are corresponding parameter configurations for torque, speed, action program, and knife configuration to ensure The final discharge meets the subsequent resource processing process requirements of various industries.

Eliminating plastic pollution around the world requires joint efforts from all countries around the world.

In the future, Harden will continue to deepen the treatment of solid waste resources, promote the technological research and development and upgrading of comprehensive solid waste treatment from various aspects such as "professional, precise, special and new", continue to improve the level of technical equipment and explore strategic solid waste treatment. An ecological system in which waste treatment and a green environment coexist.

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