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Explore the path! Biomass resource utilization has once again become a new trend of "green and low carbon"!

Explore the path! Biomass resource utilization has once again become a new trend of "green and low carbon"!

Jan 8,2024

1. Biomass Resources Replace Fossil Energy

Agricultural and forestry wastes, such as straw, rice husks, waste bamboo, branches, etc., are all biomass resources and have natural carbon-neutral properties.


After resource pretreatment, the combustion calorific value can reach two-thirds of coal, and can be applied In industrial kilns such as power plants and cement plants, it not only saves costs but also has extremely high ecological benefits.


2. Resource Processing is Facing "Difficulty"

At present, agricultural and forestry waste recycling technology still faces many difficulties during pretreatment.

After an in-depth investigation by Harden, it was found that traditional biomass shredders often encounter the following problems:

① Poor material compatibility

② Unable to feed continuously

③ Multi-stage crushing is required

④ The screen is easily clogged

⑤ Insufficient production capacity, only 2-4 tons/hour

3. Innovative Research and Development, Technological Breakthroughs

After years of innovative R&D and practice, Harden has overcome various difficulties encountered in shredding processing with traditional equipment and developed a one-step single-shaft shredder, which uses close-packed blade cutting technology to increase shearing efficiency by 50%.


The usage of the design of replaceable knives and detachable screens meets the discharging requirements of various agricultural and forestry waste raw materials, such as wood branches, raw materials with a certain volume density, which need to be shredded more finely (30mm).


The straw which is a raw material with a certain toughness requires more uniform and larger output.


4. Biomass Resource Processing System

Harden has conducted various experiments on agricultural and forestry wastes, such as various dry yellow straws and materials with different water and humidity contents, constantly improved and optimized the equipment, and launched the A biomass resource processing system has been developed.


The system adopts a modular combination of various equipment such as "one-step single-shaft crusher + trommel screen + magnetic separator" to adapt to the processing requirements of fine crushing, screening and iron removal of various agricultural and forestry wastes, and ultimately achieve the shredding output.


The particle size of the material is less than 30mm, and the soil and impurity content is less than 5%.


[System Capacity] 10-20/ton


[Discharge Size] 20mm; 30mm; 50mm (can be customized and adjusted depending on the application scenario and customer needs)


[Application Situation] Preparation of SRF/RDF alternative fuels. Coupled combustion of biomass alternative fuels for power generation. Pretreatment of biomass to methanol. Pretreatment of biomass to biogas, etc.


"Strengthen the diversified utilization of agricultural waste and promote the development of ecological recycling agriculture." This is one of the main tasks of building a waste-free city.


Biomass alternative fuel preparation technology is part of the construction of "waste-free cells", thereby improving the comprehensive utilization rate of agricultural waste and realizing green and sustainable development of resource utilization, harmlessness, and volume reduction of agricultural and forestry waste.


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