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Where does municipal solid waste (MSW) end up? Let’s get closer to SRF preparation system.

Where does municipal solid waste (MSW) end up? Let’s get closer to SRF preparation system.

Sep 30,2022

MSW is collected, transported and processed by the sanitation department in various residential areas or public places, and then sent to the landfill site and waste incineration plant according to different needs. This treatment method is simple and easy to operate, and has low requirements for facilities and management, which is widely adopted by most cities.

So much MSW is directly sent to landfill or incineration treatment, resulting in a lot of MSW did not have time to deal with, and then can only be stacked and landfill in the open, which will produce geological environmental pollution and air quality pollution.

Comprehensive Treatment of MSW

Different from the previous direct landfill or incineration, the solid recovered fuel (SRF) preparation system provided by Harden achieved incredible treatment effects such as alternative fuel preparation, metal recycling, and fermentation of organic fertilizer.

The complete set of SRF preparation system for MSW is designed by automatic process flow of feeding, bag breaking, screening, recycling, shredding, and transfer. 

After disc screen, magnetic separator, wind shifter, intelligent AI sorter, etc., the high-calorific value combustibles, plastic products, metals, and mixed kitchen waste contained in MSW can be sorted out. 

Disc Screen – different size control

Magnetic Separator – metal separation

Wind Shifter – light material and heavy material separation

Single Shaft Shredder – fine shredding

Output and Application

Kitchen Waste
Non-ferrous Waste

1)    Recyclable resources such as plastic bottles and metals;

2)    High-calorific value material which has similar combusting value with coal;

3)    Kitchen waste which mainly includes organic matter, can be used in soil improvement in landscaping. 

In the future, Harden will continue to take root in the field of comprehensive MSW treatment, so as to help the construction of waste-free cities and contribute to carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

More about MSW Processing

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