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The Bulky Waste Disposal System Effectively Replaces Manual Dismantling

The Bulky Waste Disposal System Effectively Replaces Manual Dismantling

Oct 14,2022

We can often see all kinds of bulky waste such as sofas, mattresses, and furniture being discarded next to the garbage station in our daily life. It will cause difficulties for residents and fire hazards. There is no doubt that a reliable bulky waste recycling system plays an important role in solid waste management for urban area.

The composition of bulky waste 

How to handle such a large amount of bulky waste?

The bulk waste is basically made up of wood, metal, sponge, palm, cloth and so on, and most of it is recyclable. Therefore, dismantling and recycling is the current solution used by cities.

However, the volume of bulky waste is large while the traditional manual sorting and dismantling are time-consuming and energy-consuming, and the efficiency is obviously insufficient.

The revolution of bulky waste dismantling and recycling

The Refuse-derived Fuel (RDF) Preparation system, which is developed and designed by Harden, can effectively achieve rapid shredding and volume reduction, classification and screening, and 100% resource treatment of bulky waste through the fine disposal processes of automatic shredding, dust removal, automatic air separation, automatic magnetic separation and RDF granulation, turning used furniture, sofas, mattresses and other bulky waste into alternative fuel to replace coal.

The whole bulky waste covers double shaft shredder, four shaft shredder, wind shifter, magnetic separator, granulator, dust removal system and other precision equipment, which can solve the core problem of low manual dismantling efficiency and resource separation.



1)    Wood, which can be recycled to produce density fiberboard.

2)    Metal, which can be remelted;

3)    RDF, which has similar combustion efficiency to fossil fuels but lower carbon emissions.

Selected Cases

The RDF preparation system for bulky waste is an efficiency revolution in the current comprehensive treatment of bulky waste, which can replace manual dismantling and significantly improve production efficiency. It can also make the comprehensive resource treatment of bulky waste to a higher level and reduce carbon emissions.

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